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Sally Lightfoot Crab by WillWarburton Sally Lightfoot Crab :iconwillwarburton:WillWarburton 4 0 Flame Box Crab by WillWarburton Flame Box Crab :iconwillwarburton:WillWarburton 10 4 Sponge Crab by WillWarburton Sponge Crab :iconwillwarburton:WillWarburton 8 0 Japanese spider crab by WillWarburton Japanese spider crab :iconwillwarburton:WillWarburton 7 0 Princess Mononoke Fanart by WillWarburton Princess Mononoke Fanart :iconwillwarburton:WillWarburton 12 0 Queen by WillWarburton Queen :iconwillwarburton:WillWarburton 11 0 King by WillWarburton King :iconwillwarburton:WillWarburton 13 0 Cave Exploration by WillWarburton Cave Exploration :iconwillwarburton:WillWarburton 62 6 Creature piece - Ol egg back. by WillWarburton Creature piece - Ol egg back. :iconwillwarburton:WillWarburton 16 0 Zodiac Champions Aries by WillWarburton Zodiac Champions Aries :iconwillwarburton:WillWarburton 31 2 Light Eater by WillWarburton Light Eater :iconwillwarburton:WillWarburton 29 3 Outcast Odyssey Fire Golem by WillWarburton Outcast Odyssey Fire Golem :iconwillwarburton:WillWarburton 17 5 Spirit Of Winter by WillWarburton Spirit Of Winter :iconwillwarburton:WillWarburton 26 3 The fight by WillWarburton The fight :iconwillwarburton:WillWarburton 54 4 Razor backed land shark by WillWarburton Razor backed land shark :iconwillwarburton:WillWarburton 60 5 Horror Of The Blue Hole by WillWarburton Horror Of The Blue Hole :iconwillwarburton:WillWarburton 46 1


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Sally Lightfoot Crab
While many crab species are masters of camouflage it seems this crab decided to go the complete opposite direction and make himself as visible as possible. I had difficulty finding the biological reasons for their vibrant and beautiful colourings but I can only imagine is due to mating.

That being said, interesting the baby Sally Lightfoot crabs are very dark and dull which helps them blend into the volcanic rocks in which they habitat. It’s only as they become adults that their colours begin to show.
Flame Box Crab
Here we have a sketch of a FLAME BOX CRAB (CALAPPA FLAMMEA)

There are many different kinds of box crabs but this is a sub species which is known to occur from the Caribbean area and Bermuda north to Massachusetts.

Box crabs are known for being burrowers and tend to bury themselves in the sand and rubble at the bottom of the ocean floor for camouflage.

Their claws lie flat on their faces giving protection and also finishing off the overall dome shape of their body. Don’t underestimate these claws either. They use them to rip open hermit crabs and other tough objects for food and pack quite a bit of power.

Going to be moving onto other creatures soon, although I could paint different cool species of crabs for years given there’s so many of them. Thanks for your time and attention. <3
Sponge Crab
Number 2 in our series of awesome crab species.

This is a SPONGE CRAB, which comes from a vast family of crabs called the Dromiidae.

They might look pretty strange but the living sponge on it’s back provides pretty amazing camouflage from predators.

It cuts out a fragment from a living sponge and trims it to its own shape using its claws. The sponge then grows with the crab providing it with constant cover.
Jul 5, 2016
:iconwillwarburton:WillWarburton has changed their username (formerly willpheonix)
Japanese spider crab
We'll kick things off here with cool types of crabs with more interesting varieties of crabs coming this week!


These crabs have the longest leg span of any arthropod in the world reaching up to 3.8metres or 12 feet.

The spider crab is one of the longest living creatures in the world living up to 100 years of age.

Despite looking like something out of a sci fi horror film they're surprisingly peaceful in nature and feed on animal carcasses and shellfish.


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Will Warburton
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United Kingdom
I'm a concept artist and illustrator specialising in creature and animal design.
Hi Folks!

I've never written one of these before so i'll do my best to cut to the chase and let you know what's been happening and what's in line for the future.

So over the past year or two my goals and ambitions for the future have slowly been changing hence the lack of updates here and on my other social networks. The ins and outs of that change would take an entirely different journal update so perhaps we'll leave that for a different day. Today I want to focus on the future and what I have in mind.

First off, finding a sweet spot where I can do what I really love while providing cool content for you guys has been pretty tough. I think as artists we can get really caught up in 'doing what you love' despite everyone else. After all, it's 'your' art and it's unique because of you so I think it's easy to forget that other people are seeing your stuff.
   So with creature design in mind, (which is what really floats my boat), I've decided to start regularly posting content focused on the creature design of the real world, animals. Here's an overview of my plans for the near future -

Every week for the following couple months i'll be posting every week with new animals/creatures with little facts as to what they are and why they're awesome.

The creation of a new website to act as a central hub for all my content with in-depth blog posts, tutorials, merchandise and more.

A youtube channel!

Keeping up the unique personal work still with a series of 12 illustrations called 'Gods of the Zodiac'.

I'm writing this for you guys but i'm also writing this as a way to stay accountable to myself. We'll see how we're getting on in a couple of months but i'm looking forward to it. I hope I can provide some cool stuff for you ;)

Much love



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